What if you could leave a lasting deposit in places you’ve visited for only a few days? Through relationships we’ve cultivated with Christ-centered outreaches around the world, we empower you to make an impact in the lives of your brothers and sisters, who might otherwise never receive the hope and help they need.

It’s a privilege to meet fellow Believers on our many travels around the globe. Often, these brothers and sisters in Christ are making a difference in their communities, but lack the essential supplies and support they need to fulfill their mission. …Pastors in the Caribbean…Messianic Jews in Israel…even hard-working crew members who lead Bible studies on cruise ships… Their stories are inspiring, and their practical needs are worthy of our time and attention.

Over the years, Inspiration Cruises & Tours has sown into the lives of these vulnerable Believers behind the scenes. And often, Inspiration passengers have approached us, asking how they can help meet a need they’ve encountered on their travels. Now, this important work is being extended to anyone who desires a way to give back to the destinations they have visited and been impacted by.

We invite you to give—joining the generous legacy of present and past Inspiration passengers who are expanding the Kingdom of God everywhere they travel.