Goal $5,000

Raised $1,435

The vision of Juneau Pregnancy Resource Center is to offer “Help for today, Hope for tomorrow.” The primary way they do this is by equipping women and men with educational, emotional, material and spiritual resources that give them the confidence to make life-affirming, healthy choices. To this end, they offer free pregnancy tests; peer counseling; maternity and baby supplies; and education on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, life skills and more. They also support moms and dads through faith-based classes and groups on fertility awareness, pregnancy loss and abortion recovery.

While located in Juneau, the center serves several other communities in Southeast Alaska by emailing educational classes and occasionally shipping diapers or other supplies. In addition, because Juneau has one of the few hospitals in Southeast Alaska, women from other communities must travel there to deliver their babies. This gives JPRC the opportunity to meet and encourage clients face-to-face.

While the heart behind JPRC is always on how best to serve their clients, there are certain challenges that can detract from that purpose, such as technology issues, heating inefficiencies, and volunteer shortages. Being almost exclusively donor-funded means that there is an ever-present necessity to fundraise in order to overcome these and other concerns. This hinders their ability to focus more on improving and expanding direct services to clients.

One of JPRC’s goals is to begin providing free ultrasounds, STD testing and the Abortion Pill Reversal. In order to do this, they will need to hire additional staff (currently, the Executive Director is the only paid employee), make a few modifications to the building and pay for increased insurance coverage and supplies.

Even though they’ve been blessed by the support of donors within the community, the needs continue to grow. Last year, they moved to a new location that is much more visible, accessible and welcoming. This resulted in a more than 80% increase in client visits over the previous year. Still, there are many people who need their services, but are unaware of this center. In order to better meet this need, JPRC recently contracted with a new marketing company to expand the reach even further. They want to speak life into troubled hearts and circumstances and give people the support they need to face their futures with strength.

With God leading the way, and partners coming alongside, Juneau Pregnancy Resource Center stands ready to offer “Help for today, Hope for tomorrow.” Please consider partnering with JPRC to help them achieve their goals.