By giving to this project you are sowing into the life of a young Israeli Believer. You are building up the Kingdom of God in the covenant land of Israel. You are helping to secure and inform a young person’s relationship with God in the midst of spiritual opposition. And you are helping to preserve the beautiful Jewish tradition of Shabbat fellowship to be carried forward into the next generation.

Raising up young Believers is always a privilege; but discipling Messianic youth in the land of Israel is a high calling that we proudly invite you to be a part of. Eight times each year, young Believers converge just outside Jerusalem for special Shabbat conferences that equip them to better serve and fulfill their callings. Through biblical study, challenging devotional teachings, Hebrew worship and fellowship around the Shabbat table, these students meet with God and return to their lives renewed.

Once these Jewish young people declare their faith in Jesus as Messiah, they are in need of discipleship and support. Some face misunderstanding from family members, and many encounter hostility from society. They need to be rooted firmly in the Word of God. They need encouragement to remain steadfast in their walk with the Lord, and these gatherings are an oasis in the desert that equip them to do just that. The youth can even bring along unbelieving friends so that they can experience what faith is all about. The Shabbat conferences also unite Believers throughout the land of Israel, allowing an important work of unity to develop, which strengthens the entire Body of Messiah.