God has really opened the doors in western Alaska to continue spreading the Gospel to Alaska’s First Peoples in their native language. Imagine holding a Bible in your hands for the first time! Our ministry partner MegaVoice celebrated the completion of a six-year audio Bible project last year and one of the first to receive a copy was Elsie Jimmy.

Elsie and her sister Edith holding MegaVoice players that contain the entire Yup’ik audio Bible.

Elsie was on the team of native speakers who translated the printed Yup’ik Bible published in 2015. The Yup’ik people, a tribe of northern natives, have long called the wintery wilderness of Alaska home. Currently, around half of the Yup’ik population (15,000) live spread out over 57 rural villages. Outreach efforts to those living in remote locations are difficult due to the ever-icy conditions.

Distributing MegaVoice Equip audio Bibles will put the Gospel into the hands of the people. This will be much more effective than listeners trying to tune into a weak radio connection at only certain times of day. Efforts are being made to distribute as many as possible to those remote locations. With your generosity, Yup’ik believers and the unsaved can listen to the Word of God any time.

Will you help ensure that isolated Alaskans receive an opportunity to hear the Gospel? Click here to donate and your gift can bring the hope of Jesus to Alaska’s First Peoples! Thank you for your heart to reach these forgotten people!