When COVID-19 hit, the expansion of the orphanage’s sustainable farm came to halt. God provided for them during this difficult time, despite the days when the administration did not know where the children’s next meal would come from. Thank you to all who donated and helped us become a part of God’s answer to the orphans’ prayers for help.

As the world slowly reopens, the staff reflected on the impact of Covid-19 on the operations of the orphanage and made a commitment to become more resilient and put a self-sustainability plan in place.

Their strategy includes creating revenue generating projects and programs to cover the cost of food and education for the children in their care. The chicken farm has the potential to cover 40% of these expenses. With our help, the chicken coop will provide food and income towards utilities and other daily needs of the orphans.

The sustainable farm and chicken coop in progress

Will you continue to support these children and give directly towards their needs by clicking here? They have been heavily impacted over the last two years and this is our opportunity to bless them as they seek to expand and take in 14 more children this year.