Goal $19,700

Raised $3,600

Do you remember holding a Bible in your hands for the first time? Or when you first understood the Gospel as it was being shared with you? Those who grew up with the Scriptures in their mother tongue often take these experiences for granted. But for others (even some living in the United States today) reading the Bible in their own language is a luxury they’ve never known.

The Yup’ik people, an Eskimo tribe of northern natives, have long called the wintery wilderness of Alaska home. Currently, around half of the Yup’ik population (15,000) live spread out over 57 rural villages. Outreach efforts have been made, but remote living conditions in ever-icy locations make this difficult.

The first complete Bible translation was not made into Yup’ik until 2015. While this had some impact, these natives are oral learners, which means they’re most touched by hearing stories and texts read aloud. Voice for Christ broadcasts the Gospel to evangelize, teach and train these isolated people. Located in far western Alaska, this ministry has begun a professional audio recording of the Bible, and wants to distribute its finished portions now.

Will you help ensure that isolated Alaskans receive an opportunity to hear the Gospel?

unnamedDistributing MegaVoice Equip audio Bibles and Sender external thumb drives will put the Gospel into the hands of the people. This will be much more effective than listeners trying to tune into a bad radio connection at only certain times of day. With your generosity, Yup’ik Believers and the unsaved can listen to the Word of God any time they need.

Your gift of $35, $95 or $65 can bring the hope of the Gospel to the Eskimo people. Thank you for your heart to reach these forgotten people!

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.Romans 10:17