Goal $50,000

Raised $18,335

Now you have the opportunity to help orphans in Haiti by donating toward resources they desperately need including school supplies (books, backpacks, paper, pens, pencils, etc.) for the upcoming year. The orphan epidemic since Haiti’s 2010 earthquake (already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere) has been on the rise. The JWC Foundation takes in orphaned and abandoned boys, educates them, introduces them to the Gospel and restores them to physical and emotional health.

Haiti has no foster care or other systems in place to help children living on the streets; they are forced to beg or steal to survive. With your help, we can change the lives of many of these children and offer them a brighter, more promising future.

Your donations will also go toward chickens and goats. That’s right: something as simple as a farm animal will ensure stable, nutritious food for these young children. They will have plenty of eggs and meat to meet their daily needs, and for the staff to create a sustainable income to meet the other expenses of running an orphanage and providing this loving place for the boys to flourish.

Goal: $50,000

Will you answer this real and pressing need? We’re looking for 200 believers to donate $250 to bless these vulnerable youth. By helping rebuild fragile young lives, you are rebuilding an entire nation. Please show these boys the love of Jesus, expressed through the Body of Christ. As you care for these children by giving the vital gifts of food and education, you are giving them a firm foundation from which they can grow strong and make their world a better place.