Messianic Youth Camps in Israel – Update 2019

There’s strength in numbers. This universal teaching reminds us that it’s difficult to stand alone. This is the reality Messianic Jews face in Israel, who make up a mere 2% of the population. It’s challenging to practice beliefs not accepted and actively shunned, by your society or culture: to be Believers in a country that doesn’t accept Christ as the Messiah. 

Believing Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah is extremely unpopular amongst the Jewish community of Israel. This translates into loneliness for many Messianic Jews, and especially for the youth who find themselves isolated within their schools and for college students studying away from home and their faith community.

The Messianic Youth Camps provide powerful support for these individuals. They strengthen and support the youth as they connect with other Believers. Participants discover a safe place to enjoy friendships where they can grow and talk openly of their faith. 


The mission of the Messianic Youth Camps is to encourage and strengthen the faith of Israeli Believers within each age group. Kids Camps are week-long trips that focus on building a strong foundation of faith through Bible study and fellowship. Youth weekends focus on read what he said discipleship: how to follow Christ and stand firm in an unbelieving world. 

The Messianic Youth Camps are a response to the vital need in Israel to encourage and equip kids and students to grow in their faith at a young age.


Inspiration Cruises & Tours has been taking passengers to Israel for over 25 years and when the opportunity arose for the Inspiration Travel Foundation to partner with this incredible ministry, we were eager to do so. Over 3,000 passengers traveled to Israel with us in 2018 and this year we have already welcomed over 2,900 passengers to the Holy Land . There is nothing like seeing Believers’ faith and passion come alive as they walk where Jesus walked and witness the country and places of the Bible. 
Because our passengers long to leave places better for having been there, they have eagerly made eternal investments in the people and places they have come to love through their travels with us.

You can join their generous legacy by donating towards the Messianic Youth Camps here.