In a culture of consumerism, we’re conditioned to believe that amassing ‘stuff’ makes us happy. In truth, it is giving that brings us joy. How good would you feel knowing that an orphan in Haiti is going to bed on a full stomach because of you? Based on research from the Barna Group, it seems that American Evangelicals know this truth better than anyone.

A recent study monitoring charitable giving among U.S. citizens reveals that these Believers in Jesus donate more than other groups in the country. The researchers concluded the following: “A person’s religious identification has a lot to do with whether or not they donate to causes they believe in. Evangelicals were far and away the group most likely to donate money, items or time as a volunteer. More than three-quarters of evangelicals (79%) have donated money in the last year…” 1

President of Barna Group David Kinnaman pointed out that this generous mindset among Evangelicals remains consistent, regardless of the household income level. So, whether they have more or less than their neighbors, families within the Evangelical segment continue to donate their time, resources and income. He links this to the overall sense of contentment these Christians exhibit – a sense of value in life that doesn’t come from their bank accounts.

This good news brings a smile to those of us at the Inspiration Travel Foundation. It is humbling and heartening to be reminded of the benevolence and generosity among our Christian travelers. Perhaps the more we understand the gift of our salvation, the more indebted we feel to our Savior. And, since Jesus makes it clear that giving to the hungry, the poor, the imprisoned is the same as giving to Him (Mt. 25:40), our motivation to give is made abundantly clear.

We are proud to steward your gifts and direct them to those around the world whose lives can be touched because your life was changed by Jesus. Thank you for your donation today!



1 American Donor Trends. Research Releases in Culture & Media. June 3, 2013. Accessed December 9, 2015.